Baked Parmesan Sweet Potato Fries Home Co Ng

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- One of the most important steps to good and crispy sweet potato fries is to cut them evenly into inch sticks as much as possible. If you cut them too thick they might not turn crispy at all. Also, using a coating of cornstarch really helps to get extra crispy fries, as the starch absorb the moisture and help create . - I was randomly craving a burger and fries. But being that I don 't really eat hamburger and wasn 't feeling like a batch of greasy restaurant-style white fries, I decided to whip up a simple alternative at home. I tossed one of my favorite black bean burgers in a sizzling skillet, cut up some sweet potatoes to bake .Bakedy Sweet Potato Fries .These sweet potato fries are incredibly easily made, can be changed to suit your taste and far less fatty than their deep fried counter part. If you never tried to bake your fries in the oven then you should definitely give these crispy sweet potato fries a chance..

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